Why Partner with Bite Squad?

We value your partnership! As we continue to grow and innovate our services, we appreciate working with you to deliver delicious dishes to amazing customers - wherever they are.

Here are the top three reasons Bite Squad stands out.

Professional drivers

Our drivers are Bite Squad employees (not contractors), which means they are dedicated to a high level of customer service and professionalism. It’s our goal to represent your brand with the utmost intentionality, and our W2 drivers are the face of that standard of service.


Customer serivce

We prioritize customer service! Whether we’re helping customers, communicating with our drivers or working with our partners, our support team is ready and available to provide top-notch service—no matter what time or what the issue may be.

Driver10_carbag (1).jpg

quality equipment

We’ve invested in quality equipment to transport your food safely. Our hot bags are sturdy and well-insulated to make sure food arrives at the same temperature it was when it left the restaurant. With that, we are careful to deliver orders within a certain radius of the restaurant to keep the dishes fresh and warm!