Having trouble with your tablet?

Try our troubleshooting suggestions

  1. Initializing: Any time our tablet device loses its wifi connection, the screen will display “Initializing....” Please try restarting the tablet device. If this doesn't resolve the issue, reset your wireless router. Please inform our team at bsq-support@waitrapp.com if you update your wifi password or Internet Service Provider, and we'll send a staff member out to update the tablet device.

  2. Restarting device: To restart device, simply hold down the power key and select "Restart." Our tablets run on the Android platform.

  3. Support: Immediate customer service is available through Live Chat on Merchant Panel, selecting "Request Call" via your tablet, or emailing us at bsq-support@waitrapp.com. You can also communicate with your Bite Squad sales representative.


Finding Orders on Your Tablet

  • Orders stay on the "History" tab for two weeks or a maximum of 30 orders, whichever comes first.

  • Orders stay in the "Accepted" section until the driver clicks "Delivered." It will then move to the "History" tab for 48 hours.

  • After an order is placed, you have two days to send a message to adjust pricing for special instructions. To send us a message, go to "History," and click "Help."