Step-by-step Guide for Wix

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  1. In your editor on the left side of the screen, choose the icon with “+” sign.

  2. An extra menu will appear. Add the “Button” option.

  3. Select what kind of theme you want for your button.

  4. Once the button is showing on the screen, hover over the button and choose “Change Text.”

  5. Choose what the text will say (we recommend “Order Delivery”).

  6. Below that, click the option that says “Where does it link to?”

  7. Select “Web Address,” and type/paste your Bite Squad menu URL.

  8. Choose if the link should open in the same window or in a new one.

  9. Click on “Done.”

  10. To move the button to your navigation bar, hover and drag it to the location.

  11. To save, go to the upper right side of the screen and click on “Publish.”

  12. Your delivery link is now set on your website!

Get ready to start receiving more orders!