Pick Up

Pick Up orders allow customers to order their favorite dishes from your Bite Squad menu, but pick it up themselves! It’s the efficiency and convenience that on-the-go customers appreciate—they can remove the driver from their experience, but still have the ease of the Bite Squad app and the same customer service.

How does it work?

When a customer opens the Bite Squad app, they select the “When and Where” page then click “PICKUP.” From there, they continue ordering from your restaurant per usual. No price update; just easy ordering!

When you receive a pickup order on your tablet, you will see a brown paper bag instead of the green car.


Customer Benefits of pickup:

  • Quick and easy online ordering

  • Simplifies restaurant menu browsing

  • Live tracking of pick-up time

  • Simple order process and checkout

  • No up-charge! 

Restuarant Benefits of pickup:

  • Increased order accuracy

  • Physically brings the customer into the restaurant

  • Demand for online pickup ordering is high

  • No time wasted on the phone

  • Doesn't impact restaurant flow