Partner Success Guide

Use the tips below to quickly improve your customers’ delivery experience!

Monitor your tablet for new orders and accept them ASAP

When a restaurant takes longer than 5 minutes to accept or reject an order, it has a much higher likelihood of arriving to the customer late. Make sure the volume on the alerts is enabled to not miss new orders!

Provide accurate prep times when accepting new orders

The prep time you indicate goes into our algorithm to decide when to send a driver. We strongly recommend aiming for 15 to 20 minutes for food preparation to ensure timely delivery.   Accurate estimates are a crucial first step in providing a great delivery experience!

Pause your restaurant when you’re too busy for new orders

When you’re too busy for new orders, you can pause your restaurant. This can be easily done directly within your tablet by clicking “Start/Stop Taking Orders” under the Settings tab. Simply turning your tablet off will not prevent customers from placing orders. If you don’t resume orders, you will be brought back on automatically the next day.

Keep your tablet powered on and WiFi connected when you’re open

Make sure your WiFi network is working and keep your tablet plugged in at all times to avoid a dead battery. This is how your customers’ orders will reach you!

Additional Charges

If a customer leaves custom instructions (such as "extra chicken") on an order, please inform us of additional charges needed. To do so, click on the Accepted order and a “?” will appear in the top right corner. Click it and a note field will appear. Here you can send us a message, including necessary charges.

Note: We have digitized your menu and have included all standard options; should you notice an up-charge frequently, please inform our team and we’ll add an additional menu item or option to ease operations.


Click on the Settings key if you need general help, want to stop taking orders (if you’re too busy, close early, etc.), request a phone call or want to send a test order to train your staff. You can always reference the video below for a quick refresher on how to use the Bite Squad tablet or to help train new employees!



Having trouble with your tablet?

Try our troubleshooting suggestions

  1. Initializing: Any time our tablet device loses its wifi connection, the screen will display “Initializing....” Please try restarting the tablet device. If this doesn't resolve the issue, reset your wireless router. Please inform our team at if you update your wifi password or Internet Service Provider, and we'll send a staff member out to update the tablet device.

  2. Restarting device: To restart device, simply hold down the power key and select "Restart." Our tablets run on the Android platform.

  3. Support: Immediate customer service is available through Live Chat on Merchant Panel, selecting "Request Call" via your tablet, or emailing us at You can also communicate with your Bite Squad sales representative.


Finding Orders on Your Tablet

  • Orders stay on the "History" tab for two weeks or a maximum of 30 orders, whichever comes first.

  • Orders stay in the "Accepted" section until the driver clicks "Delivered." It will then move to the "History" tab for 48 hours.

  • After an order is placed, you have two days to send a message to adjust pricing for special instructions. To send us a message, go to "History," and click "Help."