Step-by-step Guide for Squarespace

login to your Squarespace website

  1. There are different options on the left side of the screen. Click on “Pages.”

  2. You will have on the first divisions, your navigations (primary or secondary). This controls your navigation bar.

  3. Next to the “Primary Navigation,” click the “+” sign.

  4. A menu displaying various buttons and icons will appear. Select the last icon, which says “Link.”

  5. In the first text box, title how you want to invite customers to make an order (we recommend “Order Delivery”).

  6. On the black text box, paste your Bite Squad URL.

  7. Click on “Save.”

  8. If you wish to move the link to a different position, go to your toolbar on the left.

  9. Click & drag the Bite Squad link below your other options. It will move accordingly.

  10. Your delivery link is now set on your website!

Get ready to start receiving more orders!

You can also check out the tutorial down below on how to add links and how they work!