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The customer inconvenience credit is something that we've always provided for our shared customer base in the event of a poor experience. Any time an order is significantly late, there is a driver error or other quality issue, we would cover that expense. This act of accountability and transparency would leave the customer feeling valued and treated fairly, hence providing us the opportunity to gain their returned business. 

Any mistake that results from a Bite Squad error will still, of course, be covered by us.

Instances where the restaurant is at fault will be covered by the restaurant. Examples include:

  1. Cancellation of orders due to a restaurant not responding: If the restaurant does not accept the order and we cannot get a hold of them for more than 10 minutes, we will usually call the customer and inform them that this order will have to be cancelled. If they are upset, we will issue them a credit.

  2. Incorrect food or missing items: For health safety concerns, our drivers are not allowed to open the to-go containers to verify that all food is present. This is why it is imperative to have one of your staff members go through all of the items with our drivers. If the delivery is made and there are missing items, we may have to offer a satisfaction credit. Keep in mind we do monitor customers who are considered credit abusers and treat everything on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Food quality: If a customer is unhappy with the quality of the food, a satisfactions credit may be issued as well. Again, we do monitor credit abusers and we do keep travel times in mind. For example, a customer cannot expect to have cold ice cream delivered if they live 35 minutes away.

As much hard work as we've put into this, it is not a perfect system and mistakes will occasionally be made, especially by some of our new hires as they learn the system. If there is ever an order in question that you would like us to look into, please provide the order number and we can assist you.



Communication is king and it's the easiest way to avoid these charges. We do not want restaurants showing up as "live and accepting orders" if they cannot accept the order. Please remember that if you are ever too busy to receive orders or there is any other issue to instruct your staff to simply disable the restaurant using the tablet. They do this by clicking "Settings" > "Stop/Start Taking orders" — This will disable the restaurant for the remainder of the day. You will automatically switch back on the next day. If you need to be disabled/closed for a longer period of time please email and call our support line to let them know which dates your restaurant will be closed for.