Market Your Menu 

Your menu is one of the best ways for customers to interact with your brand! Showcasing your delicious dishes and providing all the selection options available in-house will further inspire customers to place an order!



little things mAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE

One simple way to increase business is by having all your menu options available on our platform! The little things make a big difference when it comes to customer preference. Be sure to include things like sides, dressings and drinks, in addition to your larger menu items. 

To make menu modifications, contact


SHOWCASE your FOOD on the menu 

Putting a photo of each of your dishes on your Bite Squad menu is a great way to make your customers extra hungry while they browse. You can send your own high resolution food photos to our team at, and we'll update your menu! 

If you do not have quality food photos, we are happy to cover the photographer and chip in towards the food cost (30% of the item's price) to help upload photos on your Bite Squad menu.


Menu Photo Tips!

Want to photograph your own dishes? That’s great! Here are some tips to highlight your food photography. When complete, simply email our team at, and we'll add the images to your menu! 


Capture High Quality Images

  • Use a solid color background such as a table or countertop

  • Take the images in well-lit areas

  • Photograph the dish on a plate (not in the delivery containers)

  • Hold the camera still to avoid any blurry images

  • If desired, add decorative items such as utensils and garnish

Image File Specifics

  • Please send at least eight food images

  • Label each photo according to the corresponding menu item

  • File type: JPG or PNG

  • File size: 2 MB - 3 MB

AdobeStock_127337145 (1).jpeg

Knowledge is power

When customers know what they can expect, they'll be more likely to order! Together, let's help showcase everything your menu has to offer.