Let customers know you deliver

Many new customers discover that restaurants, like yours, deliver with Bite Squad through in-store collateral. As such, Bite Squad supplies you with items to use in your restaurant.

A Bite Squad representative will set-up a window cling and acrylic stand for you. 

To maximize their purpose, follow these steps! 

  • Keep items on display at all times.

  • Place items in highly visible areas.

  • Ensure TRYUS promo cards are stocked (our drivers will assist with this as well).

  • Have staff handout TRYUS cards with receipts or while customers are waiting. 

Keep your free delivery cards stocked and visible!

Keep your free delivery cards stocked and visible!


In-store Collateral Available

As partners, we would be happy to provide you with any of the items below to help showcase your dishes can be enjoyed both on and off-site!

More collateral = more customers = more sales!


Window Cling - Small & Medium

Vertical Banner

30in x 60in

Horizontal Banner

15in x 72in

Tablet Stand Sticker


Did you know?

One out of every 7 new Bite Squad customers is due to in-store signage! Increase your delivery awareness by showcasing Bite Squad collateral.

- Bite Squad Survey of New Customers, 2018