Increase your Sales

Bite Squad provides a selection of social media graphics for you to post on your restaurants social media channels, a delivery link button so you can advertise to your customers that you deliver, and we can help with promoting your delivery business.



Social Media Marketing

Bite Squad has a rotating selection of social media graphics for you to post on your restaurant’s social media channels. Actively promoting your delivery service on social media will engage customers and help increase order growth!  Click below to download Bite Squad's social media images for you to use.

Social Media Marketing


Delivery Links

One of the most effective ways to market your business is to include a delivery button on your website that links to your Bite Squad menu. It’s a simple yet powerful way to let your customers know they can get your dishes delivered to them no matter where they are!  Get started with adding your link below

Add Delivery Link Now!


Discount Delivery Program

Joining the Discount Delivery Program has proven to be the simplest way to increase order volume. By contributing a set dollar amount per order (ranging from $1 to $5) toward the booking fee, you're lowering the customer's delivery expense, thus gaining more customers!

Discount Delivery Program