Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if fraud occurs?

Bite Squad incurs all the losses associated with chargebacks and fraudulent activities.

Where can I find my remittance detail?

Once logged into your Merchant Panel, you can view orders in detail from specific date ranges. Just select "Billing" on the left side, and then select "Detail View." To export your orders to a spreadsheet, select "Export Detail CSV" (located in the bottom right corner of the webpage)

Are the 3.1% credit card processing fees charged on the entire order?

No, strictly on the Subtotal and Sales Tax. We pay all fees for the Delivery Charge and Gratuity. 

Note: There is also a $.35 transaction fee in addition to the 3.1% credit card processing fees.



What if the food isn't ready when your driver arrives?

If the food isn't ready yet, please let the driver know how many more minutes are needed. The driver will update the expected delivery time for the customer.

What will the driver do upon arrival to restaurant?

The driver will ask if the food is ready and go through the order with your waitstaff. We take verification very seriously, so the driver may ask your staff to open a container to check if special or allergen requests were caught by your kitchen. We’re there to help ensure the customer gets the best experience possible

What if a mistake was made with an order?

Unfortunately, if a restaurant's mistake results in the guest not getting a correct order, Bite Squad reserves the right to make the necessary adjustments to take care of the guest. 

Does the Bite Squad driver need to sign anything at pick-up?

No, everything is recorded electronically through an application on the driver’s phone.

I have special instructions for where the drivers need to pick up the food.

Please let your sales contact know if you have any special instructions on parking or on which door to use. These will be added as notes on the driver’s phone application so they know what to do when they arrive at your restaurant.

What is the average drop time?

On average, our “drop time” is 7 minutes (from point of pick-up to delivery). From point of order placement to delivery is ~40 minutes

Does Bite Squad operate 365 days a year?

Bite Squad does not operate on certain holidays, including Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. If you are closed on another day, please let customer service know in advance, and we’ll turn you off for the day.

What if I reject an order because we are too busy or we are closed?

As long as you have notified us prior to an order being placed, there is no problem. However, if you notify us after a guest has ordered, there will be a nominal convenience fee that we refund to the guest for the inconvenience. Our goal is not to penalize the restaurant, but make sure we keep the guest happy.


Support & Tablets

How do I temporarily change my business hours on my Bite Squad menu?

To update your business hours or change them temporarily on your menu page, please contact Please do this 3 days ahead of your closure.

What if my tablet stops working?

The very first thing to do is visit Tablet Support. If none of these solutions fix the problem, please contact customer service. We’ll send a driver out to fix or swap out your tablet for a new one as soon as possible.