Are you looking for new ways to grow revenue for your restaurant? Below you can find proven strategies that can help raise your ticket averages. Blending these strategies with your online menu is vital.

1.  Offer a Kid’s Menu

Let’s face it, parents can find it difficult to find food that is appealing to their kid’s picky palates. Not only is it hard to find food that kids will actually eat, but it is also difficult to find nutritious. Kids menus help make that task easier by offering heart healthy meals for our youngins. 

The National Restaurant Association and Healthy Dining are helping restaurants provide these kid friendly options through their Kids LiveWell program. Participating restaurants receive a turn-key program for creating qualified kids’ meals, a listing on HealthyDiningFinder’s Kids LiveWell website, and icons to designate healthy choices on their kids’ menus.

2.  Modifiers & Add-Ons


The people want what they want and they love to customize. By giving customers options, we have seen them spend ~$4 more on digital orders!

Let’s break it down on how you can increase your check average through menu modifiers or up charges. See example below:


Poke Bowl = $14.95
With Modifiers = $22.45

Check Size Increase = 50%

This is one example of how modifiers and add-ons can help increase your ticket size. Contact our support team to get your menu optimized today!

3.  Reevaluate Menu Prices


Don’t you want more orders? We want that for you! 

Studies show that by analyzing your cost per item, categorizing items according to profit and popularity levels, and designing new menu prices can increase your restaurant profits by 10-15%.  A restaurant’s menu is the one free advertisement that every customer will see, why not make it generate sales?

Our data shows that when the average delivery check increases by $1.00 the restaurant loses an average of 4 orders per month.  Our data also shows that customers are more likely to become repeat customers when the average check is between $10 and $15.  In addition, for every $1.00 added to the check, customers are almost 2% less likely to return.

4.  Add Cocktail Kits, Wine, & Beer to your to-go menu 



Ever since food delivery became popular, consumers quickly started asking about alcohol delivery. According to the National Restaurant Association, 56% of consumers over the age of 21 said they would be likely order alcoholic beverages if they were offered as part of food delivery.

Some states* now allow you to deliver liquor, beer, and wine. Capitalizing on this can help restaurants compete with liquor stores and other delivery services such as Drizly by focusing on specialty cocktail kits that competitors aren’t offering.

TouchBistro mentioned 2 ways you can maximize your profits with happy hour specials.

    • Upsell: Look for opportunities to encourage customers to spend a little extra, like making drinks with specific liquor for just a dollar more.
    • Cross-Sell: Recommend complimentary dishes or drinks from your regular menu to pair with your happy hour specials. For instance, maybe one of your pasta dishes pairs well with a half-price bottle of wine.


Below are a few links to help you modify your menu:

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