Looking for ways to create new revenue streams during this pandemic? Bite Squad is here to help! Here are a few tips on how you can modify menu's and capitalize on your restaurant space to engage with your customers.


1. Market your menu

That’s right! Turn your menu into a market. With grocery chains maxed out, local restaurant owners are opting to take on the excess food from suppliers to better serve the needs of their customers. They are adding produce and essentials, creating take-home meal kits, alcohol kits, meat options, and more to allow customers an increased variety and diverse options. 

Since the pandemic, restaurants started creating ways to utilize their supply connections and have begun offering grocery items, cleaning supplies, and even food for your pets to help provide value where their customers need it most. 

2. Utilize restaurant space

Several restaurants and specialty shops are not only transitioning their menu but also converting their restaurant space to become tiny markets. By optimizing their layout and ensuring surfaces are sanitized, their doors are once again able to be opened. 

Local suppliers are allowing restaurants and grocers to quickly adapt to market demand at a regional level. This transformation allows restaurants and grocers alike to pull in a new form of revenue for the foreseeable future, even if it's current intention is to weather the storm.

3. Grocery delivery 

To better serve our partners and customers at this time, Bite Squad is offering same-day grocery delivery in several cities in Minnesota, South Carolina, and Hawaii with plans to expand into many more markets.

So if you turn your menu into a market, let's provide the convenience to customers to view what you're offering on our online menu and get it delivered directly to their homes. 

4. Restaurant support

At Bite Squad, we value our local Restaurant Partners and are working to support their businesses in the midst of the changes happening. Below are a few resources we've compiled to help offer new ideas and empower restaurant owners to continue servicing their customers.    

While these difficult times face us, these new revenue opportunities can be incorporated into your business model when things get back to business as usual. As always, Bite Squad supports and stands with you during this time!


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