What's that mean for the fans? It’s tailgate season and with it comes one of the best smells known all around the world; the subtle variation of grilled meat infused with beer and parking lot asphalt. Although tailgating will look a little different this year, there is one thing that won’t change..the food! So if you want your customers to score big with their guests by hosting an amazing tailgate party, Bite Squad is here with the playbook.

How to tailgate in 2020?

2020 has certainly presented it challenges and the college football season is no exception.  With most stadiums not allowing tailgating and only 25% capacity, it safe to say that this season will be looking a little different. 

However, where there is a will there is a way.

Create Game Day Packs

Family meals have shown a strong presence during the pandemic, and they are continuing to make way with "Game Day Packs" for football season. We recommend creating these group meals on your menu if you haven't done so already!

See what other restaurants and partners are doing!

Buffalo Wild Wings are setting up safe viewing areas for sports fans to watch games. This creates a safe and fun experience for your customers and gives you the opportunity to create game day food and drink packages for them.

Restaurants like Raising Cane’s, are offering tailgate packs to-go filled with your choice of 25, 50, 75, or 100 chicken fingers, fries, Texas toast, cole slaw, and Cane’s sauce. This allows for customers to set up a quick and easy tailgate at home with out the cooking.  Raising canes is even doing a tailgate challenge where customers can skip out on the infamous wing challenge and join in on the Raising Cane’s Tailgate Challenge!

Ready to make your own game day packs or family meals?

Below there is a resource to help you change/update your menu if you want to offer items like game day packs or family meals:

Leverage Alcohol Delivery 

For customers creating their own football buffet, let's help them get all the goods they'll need. Promote food options that are perfect for game day by posting on social media and linking your menu.

Do you offer alcohol? Be sure to take advantage of our delivery service so customers can add beer, wine, and their favorite beverages to their order. *Only applicable in the following areas: Minneapolis MN, TX, TN, FL.

With these game plays, Bite Squad is sure to help bring you the W. One TEAM, One DREAM!



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