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Increase your sales by adding your custom delivery link to your website! This offers a  seamless transition from your website to delivery menu for existing customers and attracts new customers, as well.

Get your Delivery Link! 

One of the most effective ways to market your business is to include a delivery button on your website that links to your Bite Squad menu. It’s a simple yet powerful way to let your customers know they can get your dishes delivered to them no matter where they are!




1.  Why?

Offering a seamless ordering method on your website,  makes it convenient for current customers as well as engaging new customers to help increase order growth! 

Our restaurant partner Hola Arepa increased revenue by 500% within four weeks of installing a link on their website. Today, 13% of their increased revenue. Now, 17% of their transactions come from sales that are driven through their delivery link.

Another partner, 929 Kitchen & Bar’s saw over 250% increased revenue after installing the link.  Now, 17% of their transactions come from their delivery link.


2.  How?

Our team can install the link for you or provide a step-by-step tutorial for easy implementation. Reach out to or get started immediately by checking out our delivery links page.  It gives you a step by step process to get your delivery link set up.


At Bite Squad, we're more than just your delivery service - we're your partner. 




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